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    The Marketing Process



    Of course every client is different. Our team needs to get familiar with your business, markets, customers & competitors.


    A comprehensive digital marketing plan is crafted utilizing the relevant services for the client genre & budget.


    Interpreting the endless amount of available data has become an art requiring experience, education & great insight.


    Return of Investment improves with intelligent manipulation of campaigns over time. The Internet is vast. Success rewards committed clients.

    Some of the Marketing Stuff We Do

    Pay Per Click Advertising

    Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

    Ever notice the shaded boxes on Google, Yahoo and Bing discreetly labeled “Sponsored Listings”? Well, every time a word or phrase is searched, people compete in an auction to be ranked higher in the search results for that word or phrase. For instance, you type in the word, “widget”. The first shaded listing represents the company that is willing to pay the most per click for the word “widget”. And if that company is paying $1 per click and you are willing to pay $1.01, you will outrank that competitor. The cost per click depends on the competitiveness of the keyword.

    For instance, a securities fraud attorney may be willing to pay $100 per click for 100 clicks costing $10,000, as long as he routinely converts 1 out of 100 of those clicks into a case that will net him at least $10,001. The return of investment is a positive calculation. The strategies to implement a good Pay Per Click Advertising campaign are custom-built for each business. This type of Internet Advertising can be expensive, but instant results can be achieved by anyone willing to spend.

    Navigating the pay-per-click market has become an exercise in many disciplines. It requires expertise in many areas, including design, mathematics, analytics and statistics, as well as a keen sense for the client genre. Our team is led by experienced pay-per-click professionals with advanced education (PhD/Analytics, PhD/Mathematics) and vendor certification (Google Certified) who have proven success helping clients maximize their return of investment.

    We Target These Programsgoogleadwordsbingyahoo

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    The search engine has replaced the yellow pages in the modern day search for products and services. Every business needs to represented in order to give potential customers the information they will be able to get from any competitor online. While that process alone is important, getting listed in the Google directory is simply not enough. With common search terms routinely returning millions of results, it is highly unlikely that merely building and submitting a site to the major search engines will have any real effect. Most users do not navigate past the first page of search results. And while it may be impractical or simply cost prohibitive to challenge well positioned listings, there are numerous strategies to be employed that all companies could benefit from. Simply put, there is a lot of traffic out there and a good strategy can capitalize on inquiring eyes, your customers.

    Doing nothing will return nothing, so even a basic plan should be implemented when possible. Services include link exchanging, xml site maps, meta tags, content creation and optimization, robot files and other best SEO practices. From optimizing your site’s content and code, to trading links with relevant sites, to creating unique content that Google covets, our search engine optimization experience will help get you off the ground and up in the cloud.

    Services We Utilizealexapingdompagespeed
    Search Engine Optimization Firm
    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Strategies

    Our world communicates differently than in the past. People have the ability to tell thousands of others what they feel in a moment’s notice. And they do. Statistics show that 85% of all customers have either been comfortable enough to buy from a company based on name recognition or have been referred by a friend. There is no better place these days to reach friends of friends than through social media. Your company needs to be represented in the social media world and the more interaction they can provide, the better their results will be.

    Whether it’s providing information, promoting events or products, administering customer support or just supplying quirky games or contests, companies are giving their customers what they are looking for in the place they spend the most time. Equivox helps companies establish more robust social media presence through a mix of content creation, marketing strategies, design and development.

    Social Networks we Targetsocial-icons

    Product Data Feeds

    If your company uses it’s web site to sell products online and you are not utilizing product data feeds, then, well, you are simply selling yourself short. Statistics show online retailers increase their sales by over 25% though product data feeds! WOW 25%! Essentially, you can only reach so many eyes through individual marketing efforts. By making your product data available through data feeds, you can have your products listed in the Shopping directories of the busiest shopping sites on the Internet, including Google, Amazon, Ebay,, Shopzilla and more.

    Getting your products in these directories help you sell in your sleep by getting you out in front of millions of eyes that are already shopping. These customers are already one step closer to buying your product, but are savvy enough to compare them through the data feeds at the major shopping search engines. So you have more targeted, qualified buyers and hence, higher conversions on the click-thrus. It is an imperative supplement for what has come to be known as the modern day ‘E-Retailer’, or companies that rely heavily on selling their products online.

    Data Feeds We Focus Onbing shopping feedgoogle product data feedamazon product store
    Product Data Feeds
    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Simply put, Internet Marketing is a game of numbers and percentages. More traffic and higher conversion rates means more money. And even the best companies need help getting to ‘more’ and ‘higher’. The Internet has turned into a frontier for smart individuals who simply get traffic for others and earn commission. These affiliate marketers have become adept at initiating their own marketing plans in an effort to simply refer business. They have learned that anyone can optimize web pages, send email solicitations, place products for sale across multiple sites and pay for clicks. Whatever makes sense for a particular product, they have learned to do it. And most companies can benefit from their own army of affiliate marketers to help reach customers they wouldn’t have access to previously.

    So why not employ a multitude of individual Internet Marketing experts to generate sales? It is really a no-brainer. No company can reach everyone. In fact, some very successful Internet companies are built primarily on the efforts of affiliate marketers. These parent companies will even create and deploy entire commission and marketing technology platforms in order to support their affiliates. Whatever can be done to help them sell the product, should be done if the return of investment calculation is positive. Equivox has specific experience in creating and deploying enterprise level affiliate marketing platforms for businesses.

    Programs We Participate InCommission Junction Affiliate MarketingAmazon Affiliate Marketinglinkshare affiliate marketing

    Email Marketing

    It seems that we are bombarded with email spam all day long. With the type of stigma email marketing has earned, it’s effectiveness has steadily declined since it’s infancy. The logic that you get better conversions from customers looking for you as opposed to you soliciting them is hard to fight. It is also hard to justify sending out emails to a large number of potential customers if you know that 99.9% of them will delete them.

    But Email marketing is still extremely effective when it is used as a communication tool to reach your loyal customer base. Maintaining a mailing list of customers who do wish to be notified of your products & services is of the utmost importance when establishing an Internet presence. They already know who you are, have agreed to be informed, & perhaps they will go back to your email offers whenever they do need you because you have reminded them & they remember. This is a great way to get repeat business from your loyal customers.

    Services We Utilizemailchimp email marketing agencyConstant Contactemma
    Email Marketing
    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    Bulk link trading used to be a staple in SEO indexing strategy, as the more links that pointed back to your site, the more important Google thought it was. With Google’s Panda update in 2001, the rules changed so that links back to the client site created in an organic fashion are more relevant. No longer can SEO firms simply buy links in bulk across the Internet. Agencies were forced to “undo” all their link placement, as their networks for distributing such bulk links were now detrimental to the client site ranking.

    The strategy thus became to create & distribute unique, relevant, coherent content. Blogging exploded as a way to do so, & while writing content went a long way towards building organic rank, the goal is always more traffic. More traffic means more opportunities for organic sharing of client content.

    Industry-standard Content Distribution Services (CDS) have emerged to fill this niche. These services will publish your blog/article content across their partner web sites. This puts your content in front of truly interested readers so it is read, shared, posted, linked to or otherwise mentioned in a way that creates an organic link back to the client site. This shows Google the client site is a trusted source because other people are distributing it based on it’s content.

    Programs We Targettaboolaoutbrainnativo

    Recent Work

    My GymOver 300 Locations Worldwide

    My Gym Children’s Fitness Centers

    With over 300 locations worldwide, My Gym is the leading children’s fitness franchise in the world. and has trusted Equivox for over 10 years to oversee it’s digital marketing technologies.

    At the core of their tools, each franchisee has access to an all-encompassing Point of Sales (POS) system where their gym functions are managed. The web site consistently helps the gyms collect over $1 million/year in revenue.

    Arc DivineSouth Florida Chuppah Rentals

    Arc Divine is a boutique company that brings together over 50+ years of event planning experience. Our goal is to provide innovative and unique designs to that will help enhance your perfect wedding day.

    The last iteration of Arc Divine’s site was rendered in 2001. Safe to say that a clean, Web 3.0 site was required to match the level of the company’s design acumen.

    KidpikKids Fashion...Delivered


    Kidpik is a girls clothing club. Users register their style preferences and subscribe to receive aa package of clothing, 7 items, each week. They keep what they like, and return what they don’t.

    Kidpik is a leader in the fashion industry. Based in New York City, they have been designing and manufacturing clothing for over 50 years. Equivox is proud to serve as a technology partner, helping Kidpik’s vision manifest on the Internet.

    Pughs PoolsPalm Beach County Pool Builder

    Pughs Pools

    Pughs Pools is a Palm Beach County pool and spa builder. They specialize in construction, maintenance and service.

    Equivox designed a brand new web 3.0 style site for Pughs and consults on their marketing initiatives.

    See. Spot. Cut.New York City Video Production

    See. Spot. Cut.

    Lead by Jordan Podos, the SSC team is made up of dedicated creatives that jump at the chance to meet unique challenges and realize the potential of every project fed through the collective.

    Equivox has been redeveloping SSC’s site since Jordan’s first demo reel. This version features a complete rebrand along with all the bells and whistles that a New York City production company should have when showing it’s work.

    Phyto PartnersMarijuana Investment Fund

    Phyto Partners

    The Phyto Partners Fund will participate in and capitalize on the business of Marijuana, which is currently the fastest growing industry in America.

    A corporate identity package, investor presentation deck and responsive website form the center of this up-and-coming fund’s new presence.

    The Club at Emerald HillsSouth Florida Golf & County Club

    The Club at Emerald Hills

    The best golf course in South Florida happened to have attracted Equivox executives for years. When new owner Todd Schoenwetter took over in 2013, he needed a solid web design firm to execute their own online brand. That’s when they looked to Equivox.

    The Club at Emerald Hills has a super responsive WordPress website with all the latest bells and whistles. Online Tee Times, awesome photography, interactive course tour, catering and membership information, inquiry database, e-club signup, blog, weather and more. You name it, this country club website has everything you can imagine. In addition to the site, Equivox has established a strong internet presence for The Club through organic optimization, email marketing, social media engagement and more.

    Dr. Bruce’s Animal HospitalSouth Florida Veterinarian

    Dr. Bruce’s Animal Hospital

    This South Florida veterinarian just opened his new clinic in Davie, Fl in June 2015. He specializes in Dogs and Cats and offers a FREE Vaccine for Life program to all of his faithful clients.

    Dr. Bruce contracted Equivox to build his new web site. The site features a very comprehensive breakdown of his services as well as showing off his new digs. Congratulations Dr. Bruce!


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